Thursday, September 13, 2012

Candid Shots!

The "stache" gang!
Rob in the kitchen! (at Cindi"s)
Guess whos!
Renny and Hannah!
Katie enjoying mayo!
Isaac and Keith.
Grandma at work!
Grandpa at the reception!

Sam's last week at home!

Here are some fun pictures from Sam's last week at home!  It was a busy one!  Rob and I got back from Education Week a week before he was to leave.  We went to Hermiston for Ben's reception.  Then we had a barbecue here his last night home.
They really do like each other most of the time!  And we had some fun taking pictures his last Sunday home!
I am sure this is not allowed!  But it had to be moved before the barbecue!
Thanks to all the family who came out to send him off!  We love you Sam!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And Away He Goes!!

We got up at 3 am and took Sam to the airport yesterday morning.  We all look pretty good for it being so early in the morning and the fact that some of us only got 3 hours of sleep!  We took some pictures, hugged good-bye and then waited to see him through security.  Then he stopped, posed for a picture, waved and he was gone.  I know this is what I have wanted since the day he was born but it does not make it any easier.  Two years is a long time.  We love you Sam and are proud of the decision you have made to be a missionary.  We look forward to talking with you in 128 days!  And hearing from you in your first email.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

These are the pictures I should have used with the last post!!  Sam in his missionary clothes (except he will be wearing short sleeve shirts which we got on sale for $8 and then an additional 20% off) and with his back pack showing us his call.  He was the only one home when it came and waited until 11:00 that night when we were finally all home to tell us it had come!  We were all too excited to be mad at him!  Love you Sam! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So, Sam is going on a mission!  I know!  We are all super excited and proud of him.  Last Sunday he gave his farewell and he was amazing.  (I am not just saying that because I am his mother!)  This week we have been doing the last minute stuff.  Still have to buy the shoes and raincoat.  We were able to go out in one morning and get all his shirts, and pants, belts and socks and a nice suit which he looks very handsome in.  And we got them on clearance because they were short sleeve shirts and summer type things!  Oh ya, he is going to the Mississippi, Jackson mission so it will be like summer most of the time!  He leaves for the MTC next Tuesday morning.  It is so hard to believe it is actually happening.  I know I will be crying like a mom at the airport but I am so happy he is going and know he will be great!  Millie

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today is the beginning of the Easter weekend. We decorated our eggs Friday night and the Easter bunny came while we were sleeping! We got up, hunted for eggs, and ate pancakes! Then the kids donned their new t-shirts and we headed to Grandma's for the annual Easter egg hunt.

The weather cooperated (we were doubting after our week of rain) and the sun was shining. Here are Teaghan, Raelynn, and Kirsten.

Isaac and Luke quickly found their eggs.

Each kid gets 24 eggs and their name egg.

Here is Luke and Lorna (well Lorna's side).

Sam did not hunt for eggs but here we caught him looking! And this is a shot of Raelynn and Ainzlee's head!

We were a small group this year. Here is Jesse looking for his name egg.

Grandpa was handing out money to the big kids who did not get a name egg with money in it! Thanks Grandpa!

Arlee and Stu and baby Baylee!

Hannah, Sam and David did not hunt for eggs this year. They are all growing up. After the hunt we went in and ate tacos and Grandma's yummy trifle.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to having Dad home on a Sunday morning. We are going to make resurrection rolls (found them on pintrest!) and fruit salad and eggs. I love doing the whole egg and Easter bunny thing on Saturday because then we are really ready to leave it all behind and celebrate the real reason we have Easter. Looking forward to going to church with my whole family (Sam has a Sunday off! and Hannah is going to visit our ward!) and listening to Rob sing. Loved having conference last weekend and then this week off for spring break and now we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We are truly blessed. Millie

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still here!

Can't seem to get around to blogging! It is not that we have not been doing blog worthy things....Sam's b-day, my b-day, various snow days(!), valentines day, national pie day, Luke's 4th grade concert (some interesting songs about Lewis and Clark!), Hannah's first two layer chocolate cake, participating in the Washington caucus (and interesting process), 2 car break downs, a trip to Camp Kilowan to check out our stake camp site and many more. I just can't seem to get the pictures on the computer and then if I do I can't find them again! But I do want to do better! Now our computer is acting up and I am using my work laptop which does not have any pictures on it!! Oh well. The only thing that makes me feel better is to see that those who talked me into blogging in the first place are not blogging any more!! Millie